Two major hospitals of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg choose Maincare Solutions for their patient record DOP@MIN

Vendredi 25 mai 2018 Press release

On April 18, two of the major hospitals in the Grand Duchy, Hospital Center Emile Mayrisch (CHEM) and Hospital Center of Luxembourg (CHL) have officially announced their choice of the web-based solution Maincare IC to replace their existing patient record on a wide functional span (administrative, medical and care). 

In 2014, two of the main Luxemburgian facilities, Hospital Center Emile Mayrisch (CHEM) and Hospital Center of Luxembourg (CHL) decide to collaborate to modernize their care delivery information system by building a solution common to both facilities. At the conclusion of an 18-month procedure in a context of heavy international competition, the hospitals have opted for the “Maincare IC” solution, new territorial EPR 3.0 of Maincare Solutions, born out of the technological and functional convergence of the IdéoMed and M-CrossWay solutions. Deployment was officially announced on April 18 during a press conference organized by both facilities.

Named DOP@MIN, the solution will centralize the totality of the information on the patient’s journey in the hospital and will enhance the patient’s care by simplifying the information exchange between healthcare professionals, by promoting care coordination, by facilitating the decision processes and by securing the medication circuit. Completely integrated into the fund of existing applications at each facility and open on the national Luxemburgian ecosystem including the DSP (“Dossier de Soins Partagé”; shared care record), the solution fits neatly in the objective of both facilities to align and optimize their patient care processes by a harmonization of best practices.

The contract, of an initial duration of 8 years, concerns the deployment of the Maincare IC solution on a broad functional scope of patient care (administrative, medical and other care activities) and relies on a strong commitment of Maincare Solution’s staff.

The web-based solution Maincare IC is proposed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) hosted on a Luxemburgian infrastructure, managed end-to-end by Maincare Solutions.

The numerous assets of this new generation electronic patient record managed to convince both facilities that it was the most suitable solution to meet their objectives:

  • A very user-friendly web interface with responsive design for an immediate appropriation by the user;
  • A flexible, highly configurable and usage-oriented solution for a better user acceptance;
  • A very broad functional coverage, multilingual, adapted to the international context;
  • A native interoperability to easily interface the solution with the extant applications, in the strict conformance of international interchange norms;
  • An opening on care pathways management.


Thanks to DOP@MIN, the digitalization of Luxembourg hospitals will enter a new era. The solution will assist doctors and other health professionals in their daily work. Il will enable the gathering and centralization of each patient’s complete information set and contribute to the improvement of key processes of patient management: every health professional involved in the patient’s care (doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, dieticians, psychologists, etc.) will have access to a 360° synoptic view of the patient.” says Dr Romain Nati, CEO of the General Hospital of Luxembourg.

Cooperation and sharing are essential aspects of this project. They enable a global patient follow-up, which contributes, among other things, to the implementation of a multi-disciplinary care plan that fits the patient’s needs. DOP@MIN is also an efficient working tool for staff and doctors. The data is only entered once and readily available to all health professionals. These interactions between all members of staff and doctors will serve as a base for the development of common therapeutic pathways. IT must support this innovative process to simplify work procedures and thus give the care team more time with the patient”, reports Dr Hansjörg Reimer, CEO of the General Hospital Emile Mayrisch.

We are very proud to collaborate on the DOP@MIN project. It positions us resolutely as a strategic partner in the Luxemburgian health system. With Maincare IC, we are proposing an approach that is both agile and heedful of the users, to build a convergent and transverse system for patients’ care, for acute care facilities as well as revalidation and convalescence facilities, and for GPs thanks to the native interoperability with the DSP that is open to healthcare professionals and patients” says Omar MRANI, Deputy General Manager in charge of strategy and R&D of Maincare Solutions.

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