Making telemedicine simpler with the Covalia platform


Shortage of doctors in rural and remote areas, geographical isolation, precariousness, limited mobility, are so many factors that can increase inequalities in accessing healthcare. Thanks to telemedicine, access to care is made easier for all by reducing the need to travel in person to see a doctor. The Covalia platform offers advanced technology to give professionals the means to share their expertise, naturally integrating practices whether inside or out of the hospital.

A secure and easy way to complete a patient’s pre-admission online


Find out how our Patient Portal, offering secure services such as medical appointment online booking, helps patients prepare their hospitalization and save time by completing administrative forms before coming to the hospital. Collecting all necessary identity and payment information in advance enables the healthcare provider to get paid in time.    

For a better health information exchange between care professionals


Health information exchange among care professionals is essential to improve patients' outcomes by reducing medical errors due to missing information. It helps optimize costs by reducing redundant diagnostic tests or by preventing avoidable readmissions. Our HIE platform is based on strong interoperability foundations and powerful tools for managing patient identity. The best of technology for an easy and secure access to patient’s health data!