New Generation EPR

Smart and secure. Connected. Customizable and multi-specialties

Healthcare professionals need a consolidated 360° view of meaningful patient data to deliver safe and efficient care. Maincare IC is our new generation EPR 3.0 based on an innovative full web native architecture. Maincare IC offers a user-friendly interface allowing a smooth, easy and intuitive navigation.

Customizable per specialty (internal medicine, surgery, revalidation, geriatrics, social healthcare…), Maincare IC suits all needs of healthcare institutions: hospitals, clinics, social care institutions. It facilitates the coordination of all medical processes, from patient admission to real-time follow-up of hospital stay and closed-loop medication management.

Maincare IC is scalable to an entire healthcare territory (region, country, state, etc…) and natively interoperable with our population health platform.

From Electronic Patient Records (EPR) to Health 3.0 platforms

Maincare IC schematic illustration